proximity Sensor

Cylindrical Type

We are a renowned manufacturer and exporter of high quality Proximity Sensor that have several industrial applications. Our proximity sensors are the best choice for various fields related to factory automation & control. We offer a comprehensive range of Inductive Proximity Sensors in a variety of styles, sensing range and capabilities with a sensing range of 0.6mm to 100mm. The two main categories of these sensors are: Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor and rectangular type proximity sensors. The cylindrical sensors are built to fulfill the purpose of detecting metals. These are based on high-frequency electromagnetic field.
We manufacture and supply standard cylindrical proximity sensors that offer best performance to meet most of the industrial as well as commercial applications. These devices are accurate and durable providing cost effective solutions for position detection needs. Our standard family of inductive sensors is available in various types of standard housing styles and electrical outputs. Our clients can avail high performing Cylindrical Connector Type Proximity Sensors that are made from purest quality raw materials. We offer them at very economical prices that are hard to find elsewhere.

Rectangular Type

Another very popular type of proximity sensors is Rectangular Type Proximity Sensor that is basically available in surface mount housing styles. We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting high quality Rectangular or Capacitive Proximity Sensors that can effectively detect non-metallic objects, liquid, powder & granular materials. These Inductive sensors can also detect materials through glass or plastic walls with high precision.
The sensing range of Rectangular Proximity Sensors varies from1 mm to 50 mm among which you can select the one as per your specification. We have some models that are exclusively available with top quality potentiometers. Our entire range is manufactured by our skilled team of professionals who work dedicatedly to deliver best outcomes. These industrial capacitive proximity sensors are made using highest quality raw materials and are available at unbeatable prices. We offer the models with power rating of 10-30VDC & 115/ 230VAC. You need ti send an inquiry online to place your order. Feel free to contact our technical staff for any sort of technical assistance.